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maybesparrow ([personal profile] maybesparrow) wrote2009-08-11 09:44 am
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Anything is Better than Six Apart

Years ago, I used moveabletype. It was cutting edge at the time (2003ish.) Then Six Apart got greedy, and things started to suck. And, WordPress took over. And, I went with TxtPattern, because WordPress is annoying, too.

So, I wasn't happy when Six Apart took over LJ. So, YAY! Let's see if this works. I never did any of the other LJ-based sites. Maybe. I vaugely recall using DarkJournal for two and a half seconds. Ooh. And before that I used Diary-x for a bit. And, Diaryland a zillion years ago.

Man, I'm old.

Anywho, thanks to for the code!